About Lorraine and Her Process

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Combining years of painting lessons with a long career in advertising and publishing, Lorraine has a unique eye for color and pattern and a practical, business-oriented approach to designing homes.

Founded in 2008, Lorraine Levinson Interior Design has always focused on creating homes that express the unique family that lives there. Lorraine begins her conversations with clients as open discussions. The more she can learn about them, how they live and what they love, the better the results will be. The process is very collaborative. Lorraine is always conscious that the client will live in the home long after she is gone, and strives for results that will stay fresh and functional for years to come.

Lorraine has always thrived on deadlines and budgets, no matter the size of the project. She excels at working from the ground up and operating as a team with the architect, contractor and homeowner. Lorraine speaks “contractor-ese” and is able to translate issues and solutions into useful information for clients, which keeps projects on track and budgets in line, all the while making them beautiful along the way.

The biggest compliment Lorraine can get is when clients tell her that their home “feels like them.” By guiding the homeowner to unique options, she let’s the clients style light the way and each home ends up unique.

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